Kinderzuschlag (Children Allowance)

Parents can claim the Kinderzuschlag (children allowance) for their children under 25 years of age when:

  • The child receives Kindergeld (child benefit),
  • Salary of the parents is under the minimum allowance,
  • Salary of the parents does not exceed the income limit.

Merkblatt Kinderzuschlag

The Kinderzuschlag is a needs-based benefit to Kindergeld The Kinderzuschlag is available only for children who live in the same household of a parental guardian and have a claim to the Kindergeld.

Parents who only receive ALG II or social benefits/assistance and do not have any additional income have no claim to the Kinderzuschlag.

Families whose needs are able to be paid from the payments from the Kinderzuschlag and Wohngeld and therefore have no claim to ALG II, have a claim to the Kinderzuschlag.
Kindergeld and Wohngeld is not calculated as income.

Elterngeld that is above the minimum limit of 300 Euro is calculated as income for the Kinderzuschlag.

The amount you can receive is 170 Euros maximum per month per child.
The amount will decrease when income or assets are too high.  A claim to the Kinderzuschlag does not exist when the income covers the needs of the whole family.  The maximum income limit is composed of the parental regulations for unemployment II (Arbeitslosengeld II) and the percentage portion of housing costs (Bemessungsgrenze) as well as the complete child supplement.

The Kinderzuschlag will only be received when applied for.  Applications should be filled out early because they will not be allowed retrospectively The application should be sent to the Familienkasse which is responsible for the Kindergeld - in Mannheim via the Arbeitsagentur in M3a who will then forward the application to the respective facility in Heidelberg.