Pedagogical Concept

The Kinderhaus concept is based on the Orientation Plan  of the state of Baden-Württemberg for child care facilities.  It is evaluated and updated regularly.  The focus is on supporting the children in their personal, technical, and social skills, The aim is to convey values and content from which the children can develop, refine, and deepen their performance skills.

They can contribute and expand their knowledge in various language and music groups as well as in the newly offered research group.  Well received by both children and parents are the regular visits to the local library and the weekly forest day. Cooperation’s with parents, elementary schools, other institutions, therapists and doctors, as well as the music and performing arts school in Mannheim are part of the normal educational work that is done at the Kinderhaus.

The pedagogical staff regularly take part in various workshops which are applied in their daily work and will help the Kinderhaus receive further certification after successful implementation.  Already, awards have been presented in the past by  the non-profit  foundation “Haus der kleinen Forscher”, for the projects “Entenland” and Zahlenland” as well as for the climate project “Kleiner Daumen - große Wirkung”.