International Student ID

ISIC Ausweis

The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is valid in over 100 countries and is recognized by the UNESCO and the EU and is the only international-approved student ID.

Students can receive discounts for hotels and other accommodations around the world.  Also discounted are museums, theaters, and some transportation by bus and train.  Showing your ISIC before you go shopping or eating at various restaurants can save you up to 50%.

Tips about traveling and where you can find discounts with the International Student ID can be found in the ISIC Guide.

The full list of discounted facilities can be found online at

We recommend that you Just show your card and ask

The ISIC offers many additional services along with the normal discounts.  The ISIC-hotline is available 24 hours and can be used in emergency situations as well as assistance with medication or legal aid.  Students who would like to purchase travel insurance receive special conditions from the ISIC-travel insurance.

An additional service is the "ISIConnect" which offers inexpensive telephone rates, fax, email, and a Voice Mailbox to leave voice mails free of charge.

ISIC in short