Studierendenwerksbeitrag (Studierendenwerk Fee)

The social infrastructure (Cafeterias, Child Care Centers, Student Accommodations, and Counseling Services) at the various higher education institutions in Mannheim is partially financed through one part operation and service costs (rent, menu prices, etc.) and one part through the Studierendenwerk Fee.  The Studierendenwerk Fee (sometimes called the semester fee) must be paid for upon enrollment and for the renewal of matriculation for the respective institution.

This principle of "Beitrag + Entgelt" can be found at all higher education institutions in Germany.  

The Studierendenwerk Fee in Mannheim of EUR 80.90 consists of two components: The actual Studierendenwerk Fee of EUR 60.10 and a contribution for the ÖPNV-Semesterticket to the amount of EUR 20.80 which is paid directly to the transportation authority of the Rhein-Neckar (VRN). The DHBW Mannheim collects the Studierendenwerk Fee for the whole year: EUR 161.80 is to be paid for the complete academic year 2018/19. Additionally, the DHBW collects EUR 7.20 for the various activities and offers (e.g "Hochschulsport") which increases the sum of the Studierendenwerk Fee for the year to EUR 169.00.

The Studierendenwerk Fee in Mannheim of only EUR 60.10 lies within the lower third of all the German Studierendenwerk despite the high number of services offered (number and high concentration of cafeterias and Cafés in the area, the Kinderhaus with its high reputation, psychological counseling center (PBS) with their various courses and counseling offers, social counseling, and financial support such as BAföG.)

The new "Beitragsordnung" (German only) is effective beginning from the Fall/Winter Semester 2016/17.

The Studierendenwerk Fee is not the same as the administration costs

The Studierendenwerk Fee is often thrown into the same pot as or is mixed up with the administrations fees of the respective institution to the amount of EUR 70.00.  To make things easier for the payment process, the EUR 80.90 for the Studierendenwerk Fee is put together with the administration costs and is to be paid together.  The Studierendenwerk however does not receive a single cent of this.

Reimbursement of the Studierendenwerk Fee

The following typically applies: The fee cannot be remitted, discounted, or deferred.  No right to partial reimbursement exists in the case of Exmatriculation or withdraw during the semester.

Reimbursement of the Studierendenwerk Fee is only allowed in accordance with the conditions listed in the Beitragsordnung:

  1. Payment of the Studierendenwerk Fee without enrollment (§6 Ziff.1 BO).
  2. Exmatriculation before or within the first month after the beginning of the Semester. (§6 Ziff.1 BO).
  3. Enrollment at another higher education institution by the end of the second month of the semester (§6 Ziff. 2 BO).
    The deadline is extended for one month if the semester start of the other institution begins at a later date and can be properly documented.
  4. Application for reimbursement can be found here (German / English).


Reimbursement is not possible in any other case not listed here.