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Autoload - Fast, easy, and contactless

With the cashless Autoload process, payment at the cafeterias and cafes, vending and coffee machines, in the Infothek and in the laundry rooms in the student residences is fast, safe, and convenient.

Easy handling and everything at a glance

On the easy-to-use Autoload Service Page you can check your transactions or block your card at any time. You can load up larger amounts for example for the Semesterticket at special Autoload terminals by entering your PIN.

Quick registration - use immediately

Registration for Autoload is very simple: the chip card must be activated once. This is possible at all Autoload- Service Centers or with the new  contactless online registration. To register, your written consent to the direct debit process/SEPA will be arranged. Just bring your chip card and your German electronic cash debit card. After that you can immediately use your card for cashless payment.

More for your money

The Studierendenwerk regularly offers special promotions and discounts for Autoload users.

Autoload FAQ

1. What exactly is Autoload and how does it work?

2. What advantages does Autoload provide?

3. Where and how do I register for Autoload?

4. Autoload with an international bank account?

5. What can I do if I lose my PIN?

6. What to do if I change my bank account?

7. What can I do if I lose my card?

8. How do i get back the balance on my card?

9. What can I do if my card is blocked due to an overdue payment?

10. How can I withdraw from Autoload?

11. What happens to my personal data?

12. Will I be able to top up my card with cash in the future?

13. Do you have questions about Autoload?

1.What exactly is Autoload and how does it work?

Autoload is a direct debit authorization/a SEPA direct debit mandate  for  your private bank account. It connects the chip card and your bank account.  Upon setting up Autoload, you must select the top-up amount and the minimum balance.  The top-up amount is the amount that should be transferred from your bank account to the chip card. The minimum amount for topping up your card is 5 Euro. The minimum balance is the amount from which the card should be topped up.  Before you top up your card, you will be asked either at the cash registers or on the displays of the vending machines if you wish to top up your card or not.  Both the top-up amount and minimum balance amount can be adjusted from the Autoload users on the Autoload Service Pages.

Important note: For security purposes, topping up your card at the cash registers and vending machines of the Studierendenwerk can only be done once per day.  At the Autoload terminals, you can top up your card as often as you like after entering your PIN code. You will receive your PIN code with the Autoload registration. You can change your PIN code anytime you like on the Autoload Service Page.

Need an example?

The minimum balance amount is set at 2 Euro and the top-up amount is set at 10 Euro.  You would like to buy a coffee at the machine but you only have 1 Euro on your card.  This is not enough.

  • On the display of the vending machine, you are asked if you would like to top-up your card.
  • By confirming this, 10 Euro will automatically be topped up on your card and the amount will be deducted from your bank account.  Now there will be 11 Euro on your card and can be used accordingly.
  • If you do not wish to top up your card, then refuse the transaction on the display and nothing will be deducted from your account.

2. What advantages does Autoload provide?

  • Convenient and secure handling
  • Contactless registration
  • Cashless payments
  • Never run out of money on your card
  • Participation in the regular promotions and events such as Coffeeload® (Digital stamp card)
  • Convenient use of the Autoload Service Page at or StudiPlus²®-App allows you to:
    • Deactivate your card or unregister from Autoload at any time
    • Transfer of the remaining balance if your card is lost or stolen
    • Overview of bank details
    • Oversee your card activity
    • Adjust top-up and minimum balance amount.

3. Where and how do I register for Autoload?

+++ NEW! Online Autoload registration +++

It is possible to sign up for the cashless Autoload payment system after showing your chip card and bank card at the following facilities:

University of Mannheim Infothek in the Mensaria am Schloss
University of Music and Performing Arts Café Musikhochschule
University of Applied Sciences     Café Integral
DHBW Mannheim Mensaria Metropol (Coffee Bar) and at the central study services and the other administrative facilities of the DHBW.
Popakademie   CAFE 33

4. Autoload with an international bank account?

European account holders who wish to register for Autoload can now do so. Requirement is that your bank must be a part of the SEPA. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account upon signing up for Autoload. Charges will occur if there are insufficient funds. The amount of the charges varies; see your bank for more information.

5. What can I do if I lose my PIN?

A new PIN can be provided in our Service Centers by showing your chip, bank, and ID cards.  This will ensure that you are the authorized account holder of the Autoload registration. With the new PIN you are able to access your personal settings on the Autoload Service Pages and as needed you can select a new PIN of your choice. Please understand that because of the safety reasons mentioned above, we are unfortunately not able to send you the PIN by e-mail, mail, or phone. With the online registration, the initial PIN consists of the last 6 digits of your IBAN number.

6. What to do if I change my bank account?

Changing your bank account can only be done for security purposes at the Service Centers. Changing your account is easy - just bring your chip card and new bank card.

7. What can I do if I lose my card?

If you lose your card or it is stolen, you can deactivate the card at any time by using the App StudiPlus²® or on our website at: Sign on by using your chip card number and your PIN that you received when you registered for Autoload.  If you do not know your chip card number or PIN, you can come by our Service Centers with your bank account information and deactivate the card.

8. How do I get back the balance on my card?

For the reimbursement of your credit balance please use the form at

Please note that after the reimbursement of your credit balance, you can´t use your card any more also in the case of retrieval because the payment function has been deactivated.

Important note: The Studierendenwerk Mannheim is only able to block the payment system on your chip card. If you lose your card, please additionally contact your university to disable other functions like accessing data.

9. What can I do if my card is blocked due to an overdraft payment?

The transaction in your account will be completed 3-5 business days after you top up your card using Autoload.  Your bank can choose to refuse the transaction - for example if there are not sufficient funds in your bank account. The overdraft fee will be charged along with the amount that was topped up.

Payment of the fee can be done in cash at one of the Service Centers so that the card can be reactivated and used as normal. Please do not transfer the money twice.

10. How can I withdraw from Autoload?

Participation in the Autoload Payment System can be withdrawn at any time on the Autoload Service Pages or on the StudiPlus²®. Please note: In case you withdraw, the reimbursement of your credit can only be finalized after you have handed in your card.

11. What happens to my personal data?

We will not store any data or user profiles on the chip card such as name, day of birth or address. Other personal information or financial situation is not collected. Merely the bank data that was provided with your direct debit authorization and that is needed to recharge your card is stored. We strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act of the State of Baden-Württemberg

12.Will I be able to top up my card with cash in the future?

Both card with or without Autoload can still be topped up with cash at the registers in the Cafeterias and Cafés of the Studierendenwerk. The advantages of cashless payments are only for Autoload users.  

13. Do you have questions about Autoload?

Send us an e-mail at or call us directly at 0621 49072-777

At a glance (Card Service-Login) 

After you register, you can change the minimum credit line as well as the amount you can load on your card, view your transactions, or deactivate or block your card if you lose it all via the Autoload platform.


Questions about using Autoload?

Email us at: autoload(at)

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