Mensaria Metropol (DHBW Coblitzallee)

The point of intersection for everyone- in the new library building is the Mensaria Metropol at the DHBW Coblitzallee campus.  Why is it called Mensaria? Because it is the combination of two things: the German word "mensa" (A cafeteria with a selection of menus and inexpensive prices) combined with the German word "cafeteria" (A cafe with longer hours of operation, a large selection of snacks and drinks and a comfortable place to sit) for the best-fitting name for our facility.

Three different menus are made fresh daily; one of which is a freshly made vegetarian option.  Additionally we have a pasta, salad, vegetable, and antipasti buffet along with a large variety of juices and fresh pastries. The menu can be found on our website.

The Mensaria Metropol is the perfect place to take a break and relax.
There is plenty of light, it is quiet, and provides a relaxed atmosphere.

In the summer months (April-October) you will find around 130 spots to sit underneath sunshades outside additionally to the almost 200 spots inside. Occasionally a grill can be found outside so you can enjoy a selection of meats from our in-house butcher.