Refund Card Balance

Your chip card with Autoload function cannot be found anymore or was possibly stolen?
Would you like to get the balance of your Autoload card refunded to your bank account?

Then follow the steps below:

1. Visit the card-service portal to block the lost/stolen card.

If the cards are not blocked, a refund is not possible.

Please go to and log in to the portal with your card number and card PIN, which you received when you registered for Autoload. If you have lost your password, you can get a new one at the Infothek at the University of Mannheim.

At the other locations, you can also get a new password at the card service points of the universities or in the cafeterias (cash register) of the Studierendenwerk. As an alternative to the Autoload portal, you can also have your card blocked at the Infothek, the card service points or at the registers in the cafeterias by presenting your bank card.

Please note that the blocking in the Autoload portal only removes the payment and the Autoload function. If you lose your university's student ID, please contact the respective university to have any other functions on the chip card blocked, such as access authorization, etc.

2. Enter the chip card number to arrange for a refund

The credit will be refunded to your bank account at the earliest 14 days after you have requested the refund here.

Important: After refunding the balance, the payment function of the chip card cannot be unlocked.

If the card is found again within the 14 day period, please have it unlocked at a card service center. The reimbursement of the remaining credit balance will then be cancelled.

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