Elterngeld and Elterngeld Plus (Parental allowance)

For parents whose child was born after 01 July, 2015 have the possibility to receive Elterngeld (Basiselterngeld) or the new Elterngeld Plus or a combination of both.

It can be received for a maximum of 14 months; one parent is allowed to receive it for only 12 months. Elterngeld covers 65 to 100 percent of the income that would be earned. The monthly payout is between 300 and 1800 Euro. Single parents can apply for the full 14 months of income that would have been earned.

Parents who only work part-time while receiving Elterngeld are also supported.  Those parents working part-time (and no more) can receive half of the Basiselterngeld without employment and therefore for double the duration; one Elterngeld month equals two Elterngeld Plus months.

The new Elterngeld Plus provides four additional partner bonus months.  This exists when both parents are employed part-time simultaneously for 25-30 hours a week and split raising the child.

The regulations for paternity leave are written in the "Bundeselterngeld- und Elternzeitgesetz" (BEEG).  Employees are allowed up to three years of parental leave, where up to 24 months of leave must take place between the third and eighth year.

More information can be found at the Bundesministerium für Familie.

Consultation and information about "studying with children" can be found at the Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk. You can pick up a free copy of the "Studieren mit Kind-ein Leitfaden für studierende Eltern in Mannheim" brochure.

Application for Elterngeld

The Application for Elterngeld must be turned in person in writing to the L-Bank, 76113 Karlsruhe.