ALG II/Sozialhilfe (ALG II / Social Assistance)

  • According to the regulations of the  "Sozialgesetzbuch II" (SGB II) students do not typically qualify for the benefits of SGB II when they are pursuing a higher education degree in accordance to BAföG.
  • Only in special cases of hardship does one qualify for the benefits of the SGB II.  The benefits are determined based on need.
  • Students who live with their parents can qualify to receive specific benefits of ALG II.
  • Pregnant students and single parents with child are entitled to certain benefits of the SGB II.  These non-academic needs or one-time financial assistance for such things as maternity clothing or the basic items needed for a child can be applied for.  Children of students have their own entitlement to social assistance.  It will be checked upon application if a "Bedarfsgemeinschaft" (Community in need) exists and if the person is applicable to receive social benefits or if only the "Kinderzuschlag" (children’s allowance) is able to be granted.
  • During a leave of absence (i.e. Care and the raising of a child) students are allowed to submit an application for ALG II.
  • Special needs are also considered for specific foods for students in need due to a handicap or chronic sickness.
  • Transitional or interim financial aid to assist with the living situation for the month that one begins their studies can be applied for when the BAföG application has been submitted but not yet approved. This applies typically to students who have received SGB II benefits before their studies.
  • Information for students at living in Mannheim:  Jobcenter.
    Students under 25 years of age should contact the Jobcenter in the Hebelstr. 1. Students over the age of 25 should contact the Jobcenter in the Ifflandstr. 2-6