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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Renting Out Private Accommodations / Subletting

1. Contractual object

The Studierendenwerk Mannheim facilitates at and an online platform for listing suitable accommodations available for rent. This service is free of charge. The following terms and conditions along with the conditions listed on the registration form apply.

2. Studierendenwerk Mannheim Online Private Accommodation / Subletting Service

2.1. Users have the opportunity to list an accommodation for rent free of charge on our website.

2.2. Some technical issues may lead to the online platform to be temporarily unavailable. E.g. The breakdown of public communication network or or a blackout. The Studierendenwerk is not liable for the websites permanent accessibility.  The platform may also be unavailable during scheduled maintenance periods.

2.3. The Studierendenwerk has the right to make changes to the website at any time especially for the enhancement of the service.

2.4. The Studierendenwerk may employ subcontractors to operate the platform from a third-party-computing center

3. Registration

3.1. The registration form must be filled out to participate. No legal right to register exists.  The Studierendenwerk has the right to deny any registration request.  A personal identification copy will be required if requested.

4. User Obligations

4.1. The user commits to providing accurate and complete information at all times. Any changes will be provided by the user in a timely manner.

4.2. The user refrains from charging commission or similar fees for the negotiation or conclusion of a rental agreement.

4.3. Only authorized descriptions and content will be uploaded by the user, especially under copyright law.

4.4. The user is prohibited from posting illegal, immoral, or malicious content that can manipulate or have an adverse effect on the platforms accessibility and can infringe on the rights of others or websites or content that do not pertain to renting an accommodation.

4.5. The user is responsible for the validity and correctness of the submitted data and content.

5. Blocking/Deleting Content

5.1. If a breach in obligations is found, especially under the terms stated in guideline 4, the Studierendenwerk has the right to temporarily or permanently deny access to all or some of the content and/or delete all or some of the content from the platform.  The Studierendenwerk will determine the interests of the user, type and extent of the breach and at what fault is the user before selecting an appropriate measure.

5.2. The Studierendenwerk has the right to block an account if a third party shows that there was a violation by the content made public by the user; The Studierendenwerk is not obligated to verify to what extent the asserted violation of rights is accurate. The user is obligated to defend themselves against the third party.

5.3. The user will be informed about the assessed measure and will be given the opportunity to comment.

6. User Contract Period, Termination, Modification to the Terms and Conditions

6.1.  The contract has a duration of three months and will automatically be terminated.  During this period, the user may terminate the agreement at any time.  The Studierendenwerk will only terminate the contract if a valid reason for doing so exists.

6.2. Upon termination of the contract, the user content submitted to the platform will be blocked; user content will be deleted once there is no assertion of a further claim and or enforcement of rights.

7. Final Provisions

Should any individual provisions of this contract become legally invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will not be affected.


Studierendenwerk Mannheim
Postfach 10 30 37
68030 Mannheim         

Telephone: 0621 49072-531
Fax: 0621 49072-899


Notes on data protection / information to be provided pursuant to Art. 13 EU GDPR: Some of the services offered by the Studierendenwerk Mannheim can only be provided if personal data is collected. Protecting your personal data is as important to us as having transparent procedures for data collection and processing in place. Please visit our website for comprehensive information on this topic:

Download Terms and Conditions (PDF) [only available in german]

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