Nothilfefonds der MVV (Emergency Funds of the MVV)

In cooperation with the association of social welfare and the city of Mannheim, the MVV Energy supports private customers who are in a tough financial situation. The Fonds des MVV (Funds of the MVV) cover the cost of electricity and water.

Funds are to be used solely for the MVV Energy bill for water and electricity. Other costs such as monthly rent or telephone are not covered.  The amount of funding is determined by the individual situation of the applicant.

Those who with to apply for funding should contact the association of social welfare Diakonie, Caritas, and the city of Mannheim.

As a partner of MVV Energy AG, they will make a recommendation of the situation and determine what is needed.  The amount will then be determined. The sum will be directly used to balance out the customers account.

The Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim is also available for further questions.