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Alternative Accommodations

Private Accommodations

As an additional service for students, the Studierendenwerk lists private accommodations free of charge. About 200 offers from private landlords are received by the Studierendenwerk every year and are passed on to students looking for accommodation. Current offers can be found here.

Alternative Student Residence Halls

Alfred-Delp-Haus: Catholic- Residence Hall (Erzdiözese Freiburg)

Bumiller-Raab-Haus: Private student residence hall

Other Options

Anreise (Arrival in Germany)

What are the first things to do in Germany?

  • Make a moving-in appointment with your Hausbetreuer via Mieterportal 24h. The log in information and instructions are written on the information you receive from the housing administrators.

  • After you arrive in Germany and move in to your accommodation, you must register with the city of Mannheim within two weeks after arrival at:

"Bürgerdienst" Department
K7 district of Mannheim
Tel. 06 21 / 2 93 - 40 80

  • If you enter Germany with a visa, you`ll have to change the visa in a residence permit for study purposes because the visa is only valid for three months.

  • Furthermore you have to register immediately for a health insurance because for the residence permit and the enrollment at university you have to show a proof of your health insurance.

For more information about residence permits, please contact the International Office of your institution.


An apartment is an accommodation consisting typically of a room with a small kitchenette, shower, and bathroom.


Autoload is the cashless payment system of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

Technically, Autoload is a direct debit authorization/a SEPA direct debit mandate for your private bank account. As soon as the balance on your card falls below your individually selected minimum credit line, your card will be recharged during the payment process at one of the Studierendenwerk's cash registers. The cashier will ask you, if you want to recharge your card. That way, you can ensure there is always sufficient credit on your card.

For more information see "Student Cards (Autoload)"


Bank Account

It´s recommended opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival in Germany. This simplifies monthly payments like rent and insurance. Many banks or saving banks offer free accounts for students.

Broadcast Fee

The broadcast fee is not included in the rental price and must be paid by the tenants themselves. For tenants 18 years or older: one flat - one fee. If you share a flat, only one person should pay the monthly fee of 17.50 Euro. 

For more detailed information:


Counseling and PBS

Where do I find general counselling?
The Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk may serve as your first point of contact to get important information and advice. Furthermore it offers counseling for personal and economic problems, problems with difficulties about your study situation and disputes with the authorities.

Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-530 | -531


Where can I find specific advice for international students?
The International Office is a great place to start for international students. It´s recommended to contact the International Office of the institution in wich you are enrolled in or have interest in because they assists international students on matters like organizing your exchange and studies in Germany. Also at the beginning of the semester, the various International Offices organize Orientation Days and/or Welcome Days.


Universität Mannheim
International Office
L 1, 1
68131 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 181-1151
Fax: 0621 – 181-1161

Hochschule Mannheim
International Office
Paul-Wittsack-Str. 10, Building J
68163 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 292-6448
Fax: 0621 – 292-6449

The contact information of all other International Offices in Mannheim can be found on the website of the respective institution. At the student residences of the Studierendenwerk tutors get involved with the household, help organize leisure activities and parties at the beginning and throughout the semester. They also help with everyday problems and are there to assist in helping with socializing with fellows students.

Where do I find advice and support for studying abroad with a child?
If you enter Germany with a child, you´ll get important information from the Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk.

Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A, Room 04
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-530 | -531

The website also provides important information about studying abroad with a child.

Which contact point will be relevant if I have difficulties and problems?
If you have difficulties and problems you can always turn to the social counseling service of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A, Room 04
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-530 | -531

Who can help in case of homesickness and difficult situations?
In cases of homesickness, language difficulties, cultural adaptive difficulties, the Psychological Counseling Service (PBS) of the Studierendenwerk is the right place to go. They offer intercultural consultationfor international students. The counseling is for students who struggle with one or several of the mentioned difficulties. There it´s possible to discuss problems, to ask for advice or to develop approaches in solving a problem together.


Psychological Counseling Service (PBS)
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa near the Schloss / Entrance C, Room 02 – 08
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-555


What assistance can I get from AStA?
An important contact for students is the general student committee (AStA). The offers of AStA vary between the universities. There are often contact persons for international students. They help provide general information as well as organize cultural activities. Their offers can be found on their website.




Doubletts are accommodations that are typically a single room in shared 2-person flat. (2er WG)

Duration of Housing Contract

Rental agreements typically have a duration of three years to give other students the opportunity to live in the student residences.


Eating and Drinking

All cafeterias and cafés of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim are open for all students of all universities in Mannheim and guests.

You will find the various cafeterias and cafés on the website of the Studierendenwerk on the Link “Essen + Trinken” and "Menu".


What is the ecUM?

The ecUM, the electronic card Universität Mannheim is the multifunctional student identity card of the Universität Mannheim, which every student receives at the beginning of study.

Note: This card is especially for the University of Mannheim. Students at other institutions will receive their student ID cards at the beginning of their studies.


How do I apply for the ecUM?

After you have received your admission letter of the Universität Mannheim, you can upload a photo on the website of the university. And after the immatrikulation an ecUM will be produced and a notification about that will be sent per mail.

Where do I get the ecUM?

Through the notification you will be informed where and when you can get your ecUM. For obtaining your ecUM you need the identification card or passport and the certificate of enrollment.

Where can I upload the photo?

You can upload the photo at Portal², the Campus Management System of the Universität Mannheim.


How can I recharge the ecUM?

At the many institutions in Mannheim you can recharge your chip card at the card recharging machines per direct debit. For this purpose you have to briefly register at the Infothek of the Studierendenwerk at the Mensa am Schloss or at the other Cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk. This process is called “Autoload”.  You can also recharge the student card with cash at some cash registers at the cafeterias of the institutions in Mannheim and at the Infothek.


Emergency Key Service

Telephone: 0621 / 10 15 61. Please be aware that if your door needs to be opened, a fee of 95 Euros will be charged and need to be paid directly. (Possible costs for replacement keys will be sent to you in an invoice.)

Emergency Services in the Student Residence

The emergency services can be contacted for such situations as power outage, loss of heating or water, flood, etc. They can be reached after the normal operation hours at  0800 / 100 18 73 (toll free)

Extension of Rental Agreement

Extensions are granted under specific cirsumstances. An extension request must be submitted in writing at least three months before the end of the rental agreement.



The majority of accommodations are furnished. Some apartments and doubletts are rented without furniture. More information can be found on the individual pages of the various student residence halls.


General Terms and Conditions (AMB)

The General Terms and Conditions for Housing of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim can be found here.


Handicap Accessibility

Handicapped accessible apartments are adapted to the needs of wheelchair users (extra wide doors and flat shower bases).


All Students Residence Halls of the Studierendenwerk have one or more Hausbetreuer who is the first contact for any issues at your accommodation. They can help with damages, problems, and coordinating move-in and move-out appointments.  More information can be found on the site for Student Accommodations.

House Rules

In order to live comfortably under one roof, some rules are necessary. These rules and regulations for the student accommodations can be found here: House Rules.

Household Insurance

We would like to point out that the private household of the tenants is not insured by the Studierendenwerk Mannheim and therefore recommend taking out a private household insurance.

Housing Application

If you are planning your studies in Mannheim, you should fill out the online application for the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Applications can be submitted six months before the desired move-in date. They can also be submitted without an official enrollment certificate. The certificate must be provided within four weeks of moving in.

For questions regarding your application, the housing department is there to assist

Housing Illustrated Dictionary

Cleaning plan, flooding, or separating waste:  Situations that happen in the residence halls are portrayed through illustrations and vocabulary is defined in many languages, German, English, Chinese, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, and Arabic.  It should help international students to quickly feel at home.

German, Polish, and Russian(PDF)

German, French, and Spanish(PDF)

German, French, and Arabic(PDF)

German, English, and Chinese(PDF)



The Studierendenwerk offers in cooperation with the university’s computer center, high speed surfing in almost all of the student accommodations at no additional charge.  The internet tutor in your residence hall can help you if you have further questions.


Kündigung (Cancellation)

The tenant may terminate the rental agreement three months before the following dates:

  • 28. February / 31. August / 30. September (Students of the Hochschule Mannheim)
  • 31. July / 31. August / 30. September (Students of Universität Mannheim)
  • 31. March / 31. August / 30. September (Students of the DHBW, Popakademie and Musikhochschule)

In the case of withdrawl (exmatriculation) from the institution or marriage is the deadline for termination four weeks before the end of the month. Documentation must be provided.

Download (PDF)



Where can I find a room or an apartment?
The Studierendenwerk Mannheim is responsible for accommodations for students in Mannheim. Not only does the Studierendenwerk offer student housing but also helps to find rooms in the private market.

There are also cheap apartments and rooms of private landlords that can be found online on the website of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim on the "Privatzimmerbörse”.

Studierendenwerk Mannheim
Bismarckstraße 10, Mensa / Entrance A
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-888


What should I do when I have found a room?
When you have found an apartment or a room in a dormitory, you should register with the city at the registration office within a week. This also applies if you move during your stay in Germany.

What do I need for the registration at the registration office?
For the registration at the registration office you need a passport or identity card. Furthermore it´s recommended that you bring your rental agreement with you because you have to give information about your landlord.


City of Mannheim – Department Public Services
K 7, 68159 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 293-115
Fax: 0621 – 293-3257

Do I have to carry along the certificate of registration with me?
If you have successfully registered with the city, a certificate of registration of your residency in Mannheim will be issued. You should always carry along a copy of this certificate of registration so that you can prove the residency at any time. You also need this certificate to open a bank account or for a library card for example.



What kinds of loans exist?
For students who have fallen into financial difficulties through no fault of their own, the Studierendenwerk Mannheim grants short-term  loans or final degree loans on request.

Loan Office of the Studierendenwerk
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A, Room 03
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 49072-531

In which cases can a loan be granted?
The Studierendenwerk Mannheim grants an interest-free loan in the amount of 500€ once for students who are in financial need through no fault of their own.

In what cases can a final degree loan be granted?
The Studierendenwerk Mannheim grants long-term, interest-free final degree loans to students who are close to the end of their studies and for whom a successful completion of studies can be expected. For the final degree loan which is limited to the amount of 3000 €, you have to submit a record of study.



Students from other universities and guests can receive a MensA-card for a deposit of 6 Euros at various cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk or at the Infothek in Bismarckstraße 10 (building Mensaria am Schloss ). The MensA-card can also be used for Autoload and the laundry facilities in the student accommodations.

Move-in Appointment

You must make your move-in appointment on the easy and convenient Mieterportal 24h. Once you enter your Rental Object ID and enter or select the proper information required, you will receive a confirmation and the necessary information for moving in.

Appointments are either to be made in person during the normal service hours of the Hausbetreuung and to their available time slots or via our key box if the time slot does not work for you or you wish to move in in the evening or on weekends or holidays. For this, just select "Move-in" appointment and "key box". You will also receive the confirmation immediately via e-mail.

Please be aware that if you have booked an appointment through the key box, you will receive the necessary information you need for where to go and how to pick up your keys in the days prior to your appointment.

Move-out Appointment

Schedule a moving-out appointment using the Mieterportal 24h, at least five days before your contract ends. 

Please be aware of the conditions listen in the General Terms and Conditions.


Moving  to another accommodation of the Studierendenwerk is in some cases possible. Please contact the respective housing administrator. A fee of 25 Euro will be charged.  If the new moving-rental agreement is denied, a fee of 20 Euro will be charged.  Exception: If moving accommodations is necessary due to a late extension, a fee of 50 Euro will be charged.

A relocation/moving request can be made on the Mieterportal 24h.



Some of the student accommodations have parking spots to rent. However sometimes you can find parking in the area around the residence hall.  More information can be found on the pages of the various residence halls.

Public Transportation

All students who have paid the Studierendenwerk Fee have the possibility to purchase a Semesterticket for the public transportation system.  More information at



Waste should be separated between paper (blue bin), glass, plastic (yellow bin) and residual waste (black bin). The most expensive is the residual waste, so when properly separated, the costs can be kept low.

Registration in Mannheim

You must register with the city of Mannheim at the city hall within a week of moving in:

Fachbereich Bürgerdienst
K7 in Mannheim
Tel. 06 21 / 2 93 - 40 80


Rent is to be paid monthly by the third business day of the month via direct bank deposit.

Residence Permit

What do I need for a residence permit?
For the residence permit you have to show the certificate of enrollment (Studienbescheinigung and Zulassungsbescheid) from the university, the registration certificate from the city (Anmeldung), a proof of financing of 720€/Month (Finanzierungsnachweis) and a valid health insurance for the duration your intended stay.

How long is a residence permit valid?

A residence permit for study purposes is typically granted for the duration of the studies programm in which you are enrolled in and can be then extended if needed.

Where do I get the residence permit?
You get the residence permit at the foreigners registration office in your city in Germany.  So if your residence for the time of study is Mannheim, you´ll have to go to the foreigner registration in Mannheim.

City of Mannheim – Department Public Services
K 7, 68159 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 293-3221
Fax: 0621 – 293-2624

Do EU-students need a residence permit?

Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Suisse don´t need a residence permit. However, they do have to prove that they have health insurance and that they can finance their study.

Do I need a bank account?
It´s recommended opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival in Germany. This simplifies monthly payments like rent and insurance. Many banks or saving banks offer free current accounts for students.



Security Deposit

Upon signing your rental agreement, a security deposit must be made.  This deposit does not accrue interest.

Smoke Detector

Normal operating state:
The red LED located on the front of the smoke detector should blink for 40 seconds to show that it is active.

Low battery:
The long-life battery of the smoke detector must be charged to function properly.

If the battery in the smoke detector is running low, every 40 seconds a chirping sound will be heard.  The smoke detector must be exchanged as soon as possible in this case.  The smoke detector will give this warning sound when the battery is low for at least 30 days.  There is a high risk that the smoke detector will not have enough power to provide a signal in the case of a fire if the detector is not exchanged within this time.

Muting an alarm:
If the smoke detector goes off and a loud sound is heard, it is warning you of a potential danger that should warrant your immediate attention.  Only mute the smoke detector when you are completely aware that there is no danger of fire.  Do not block the vents of the smoke detector or tamper with it in any way.  Tampering with the smoke detector can lead to a high risk of danger.  Sometimes the smoke detector will go off in non-dangerous situations such as cooking. In this case you can use the mute function.  If there is a false alarm, you can push the middle test-button for a short time. The smoke detector will return to a normal operating state after ten minutes.

Notice: The battery will be automatically deactivated if you detach it from the baseplate.

In order to protect you and your roommates from fire, the smoke detector must function properly.  Defective smoke detectors should be reported immediately at the Mieterportal 24h.


Sports Program

In a cool ambience sport makes twice as much fun. The Studierendenwerk Mannheim redesigned part of the large hall in Ulmenweg into a multifunctional sports center.

The result is impressive. Equipped with an elastic floor covering, mirror walls and panoramic windows, the new sports hall offers the ideal setting for a wide variety of sports - from badminton to Zumba.

So it is definitely worth taking a look at the Instiut für Sport's extensive sports program.

Studienkredit / KfW (Loans / Grants)

What kinds of loans exist?

  • The Federal Government offers the "Bildungskredit"
  • KfW-Förderbank offers the "KfW-Studienkredit". Both are low interest student loans/grants.
  • For students who have fallen into financial difficulties through no fault of their own, the Studierendenwerk Mannheim grants short-term  loans or final degree loans on request.

In which cases I can apply for the Bildungskredit?
The Federal Government offers with the support program “Bildungskredit” for students in advanced phases of their educations the chance to take advantage of a low interest loan in the amount of 100, 200, or 300€ per month. A single payment in the amount of 3.600€ can also be paid out. Foreign students can receive a “Bildungskredit” too. Further information and applications at:

In which cases can I apply for the KfW-Studienkredit?
The KfW-Förderbank offers students a low interest credit programme called “KfW-Studienkredit”. For financing the cost of living you can apply for a loan in the amount between 100 and 650€ per month. Ten to fourteen semester of study will be financed. Under certain conditions also foreign students could apply for the KfW-Studienkredit. Comprehensive informations at: or at the counseling service of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

In which cases can a loan from the Studierendenwerk be granted?
The Studierendenwerk Mannheim grants an interest-free loan in the amount of 500€ once for students who are in financial need through no fault of their own.


Loan Office of the Studierendenwerk
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A, Room 03
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 49072-531


Contact Counseling Service:

Doris Neubauer
Dipl.Soz.arb. (FH)
Betriebswirtin (VWA)
Telephone: 0621 49072-530

or via E-Mail


Tenants of a Studierendenwerk Residence Hall may sublease their accommodation for a maximum of three months. A sublease may also be granted for up to six months upon showing proof of a study-related exchange programm or required study-related internship outside of Mannheim. 

Written notification must be provided to the housing department of the Studierendenwerk.  The main tenant stated in the original rental agreement remains as such.



Landlines exist in the majority of our student accommodations.

Termination of Rental Agreement

The tenant has the right to terminate the rental agreement if the termination documentation is turned in three months in advance:
- to the 28th February / 31st August / 30th September (Students of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences)
- to the 31st July / 31st August / 30th September (Students of University of Mannheim)
- to the 31st March / 31st August / 30th September (Students of DHBW Mannheim, Popakademie, Universiy of Music and Performing Arts)
In the case of exmatriculation(unenrollment/withdraw) or marriage, the termination deadline is four weeks before the end of the month.  Proof must be provided.

Termination example (PDF)


The student residence halls of the Studierendenwerk are governed by their own residents. Meaning the students will vote on who they wish to be a tutor. Every student residence hall has a representative.


TV connections exist in all student accommodations.  Some student accommodations are supported by a separate service for technical questions:

Hafenstraße 35-45

G7, 26-28

B7, 14-15

Siedlung Ludwig Frank

N6, 8

Seckenheimer Landstraße 4a



Speyerer Straße 39-53

Neckarauer Straße 169-175

Augartenstraße 112 -114

Any problems can be reported on the  Mieterportal 24h.


Versicherung (Insurance)

Is your own health insurance accepted in Germany?
With some countries, such as members of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Germany has a social security agreement. If you are from one of those countries, you can normally keep your own insurance and therefore apply for the European insurance card for free.

Which health insurance is recommended?
There are public and private health insurances in Germany. Until the age of 30 or the 14th semester of your studies, you can register for a public student health insurance. Only in certain cases you can register for a private health insurance. However you should remember if you register for private health insurance once you can´t register for the public health insurance anymore.

For foreign students from the age of 30 or who have completed their 14th semester, the Deutsche Studierendenwerk in cooperation with the Hanse Merkur insurance has developed a framework contract for private health insurance.

You´ll find advice for this at the counseling service of Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk (Doris Neubauer)
Bismarckstraße 10 / Mensa / Entrance A, Room 04
68161 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 – 49072-530

Do I need an accident insurance?
Students at universities in Germany are automatically insured at the public accident insurance. This insurance coverage is only valid for the way to the university, on the campus and on the way back.

If you enter via the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) you´ll be able to accept a combined insurance package of the DAAD which contains all important insurances.

Do I need liability insurance?
In Germany private liability insurance for students will be recommended, if there is no insurance coverage by parents or spouse. Normally younger students are co-insured with their parents. Possibly the liability insurance taken out in the home country is also valid in Germany. In this case you will have to apply for recognition of such insurance.



Will a visa be needed?
Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area and several other countries (like Suisse) may enter Germany without a visa.
All other international students normally need a visa. It´s recommended, asking about the entry requirements for your stay in Germany in advance.

What do I need for a student visa?
International students need a student visa before they can enter Germany in some cases. For this they have to present a passport, the approval document and a proof of finance for the studies at the German embassy in their home country.

What is the difference to the visa as an applicant for a place at university?

If the foreign student isn´t sure at which university they want to study at, they may enter with a visa as an applicant for a place at university.
However the visa cannot be changed to a residence permit before the student is enrolled at an university in Germany.

Can I also enter with a tourist visa?

You shouldn`t enter with a tourist visa because it can´t be changed to a residence permit.


Waiting List

A waiting list is centralized for each student residence hall. The applications are non-commital.

Washing and Drying Machines

Washing Machines and Dryers are provided in the student accommodations.  Payment can be made cashless via student card/MensA Card If you do not have the proper card, one can be purchased in the Infothek of the Studierendenwerk for a deposit of 6 Euro.  The card can be used in the Cafeterias and Cafes of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim and can be loaded up with money at the various cash registers.

WG/Single Room in Shared Flat

WGs/Single room in a shared flat are accommodations that typically have shared common facilities such as kitchen and sanitary facilities with the other tenants in your flat.

Wohngemeinschaft (WG)

Zwei bis zehn Bewohner/Innen nutzen gemeinsam die Küche und die sanitären Einrichtungen.

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