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Service Hours during Holiday 03.01.2022 | About Us
Infothek 23.12.2021 until 2:00 p.m. 24.12.2021 – 02.01.2022 closed Wohnen und Technik 24.12.2021 – 02.01.2022 closed BAföG 23.12.2021 – 09.01.2022 closed Sozialberatung/Darlehenskasse 23.12.2021 until 2:00 p.m. 24.12.2021 – 09.01.2022 closed Psychologische Beratungsstelle (PBS) 22.12.2021... [more]
News about Jobbing: Corona-related Changes 08.07.2021 | Counseling + Service
Short-Term Employment The time limitations for short-term employment have been extended due to Corona. Transitionally, from 01.06.2021 to 31.10.2021, the possible duration for short-term employment was increased from 3 to 4 months or from 70 to 102 working days. Minijob - Transitional Regulations For the period between June 2021 and October 2021, there... [more]
More key boxes for self-service check-in 06.05.2021 | Housing
Contactless, quick and flexible check-in? This is not only possible in resorts, but also in the student residences of Studierendenwerk Mannheim. Due to the positive experience and high demand from students since the implementation of the first key boxes in the spring/summer semester 2020, we have now expanded the number of boxes from 24 to a total of 54. Those who... [more]
Studierendenwerk Mannheim is the First Studierendenwerk to be Climate Neutral 13.04.2021 | About Us
Bronze seal “„Kennzahlengestützter Klimaschutz®“ with the addition of climate neutrality Ecological optimization concept for implementing prioritized climate protection measures Pioneering role in governing organization, the Association of the German Studierendenwerke (DSW) Mannheim, 13. April, 2021 - using the methods of... [more]
Stipendienbörse & Co. on January 14th 12.01.2021 | BAföG + Co.
Are you looking for a way to finance your studies and do you want opportunity to educate yourself further? in this case, a scholarship is right for you! Stop by the event "Stipendienbörse & Co." from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on 14 January on the university's Online Experience Days platform in coorperation with the Studierendenwerk Mannheim:... [more]
Interim financial aid funded: Break for processing over the holidays 18.12.2020 | BAföG + Co.
The Studentenwerke and Studierendenwerke, which are implementing the interim financial aid for students in pandemic emergencies on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), will have to take a short break from processing over the holidays. This has been mutually arranged with the representative bodies of the Studentenwerke on the basis of the... [more]
Opening hours 16.12.2020 | About Us
Cafeterias and Cafés Mensa am Schloss (Campus Universität) open from 11.01.2021 Mensa Wagon (Campus Universität) closed until 31.01.2021 Cafeteria Musikhochschule open from 11.01.2021 Café Integral (Campus Hochschule) open from 11.01.2021 Mensaria Metropol (Campus DHBW,... [more]
Corona-Pandemie: BMBF-Interim Financial Aid for Students 15.02.2021 | BAföG + Co.
The Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is helping students who are facing an acute financial emergency during the Corona Pandemic by offering interim financial aid. They will be allocated by the Studierenenwerke.  The financial assistance program can be submitted separately for each month until September 2021. Attention: Starting... [more]
Current Information for KfW-Student Loan 15.10.2020 | BAföG + Co.
There are numerous restrictions on public life due to the Corona pandemic. Because of this, the following exemptions apply to recipients of the KfW Student Loan for the upcoming future: Presentation of proof of enrollment (Winter Semester 2020/21) The documents can however be submitted to an accredited partner/Studierendenwerk by mail or e-mail. The... [more]
Services for International Students: New Coordinator 07.10.2020 | International
The Studierendenwerk Mannheim would like to introduce the new coordinator for the services for international students. Patrick Sullivan will be taking over immediately to assist all international students with their questions. Starting out in the Infothek, he was able to have a grasp on the wide variety of services we offer - especially for international students.... [more]
Social Counseling Service: First Semester Info 02.10.2020 | Counseling + Service
Finally in Mannheim, picked your choice of studies, have been accepted, what now? Where do I go? Who can assist me? Searching for housing The Studierendenwerk offers about 3,000 accommodations for students with affordable prices either in apartments or shared flats.  Online-Application wohnen Private Accommodations List:... [more]
Stipendienbörse & Co. am 4. März 2020 20.02.2020 | BAföG + Co.
The AStA of the University of Mannheim in cooperation with the Studierendenwerk Mannheim is hosting the information event "Stipenbörse & Co." on 4 March 2020 (11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) in the Mensaria am Schloss. Ways of financing one's studies and how one can further educate themselves both politically and culturally will be presented. Scholarship providers from... [more]
Bistro EO: Temporary closure due to renovation works 18.12.2019 | Food + Drink
Renovation works are starting in January 2020 at the Schloss Ostflügel. Our cafeteria EO will be closed for at least two years as of the end of December. However, we can offer you a tasty alternative. Our new mobile Mensa Wagon is expected to be set up as of February... [more]
Housing: Emergency Accommodations 12.08.2019 | Housing
Emergency Accommodations for the Fall/Winter Semester 2019/2020 From Aug. 26th until Sept. 27th, Studierendenwerk Mannheim offers emergency accommodations. A total of 16 spots are available and are furnished with basic furniture and are easily accessible with public transportation.  Each emergency accommodation has a shared bathroom incl. sink and shower... [more]
Studierendenwerk Mannheim: Company Excursion on 28.06.2019 24.06.2019 | About Us
Most of the Cafeterias and Cafés, the housing and facility management, BAföG, the Infothek, the Kinderhaus, and the Administration in L7, 8 will be closed on Friday during the company excursion . Café Soleil will be open from 8:30am until 3:00pm and the DHBW Eppelheim Cafeteria will be open for lunch service from 11:15am until 1:30pm. Thank you.... [more]
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