This is how to register your child for the Kinderhaus


As soon as child care is needed in the near future, you can preregister your child for a child care spot. Just fill out the form and turn it in to the Kinderhaus:

Preregistration Form Kinderhaus

Additionally, all interested persons should register through the electronic child care registration system (MeKi) of the city of Mannheim which centrally compiles the information given by the parents in regards to nursery, day care, kindergarten, and school.




As soon as a spot is free, the parents will be notified and an appointment for registration can be determined.

Registration must be done in person and a current certificate of enrollment with the proper registration documents must be given to the Kinderhaus Director at the Kinderhaus in N6,1. Your child should be at least one year old.

Your student status (DHBW, Hochschule Mannheim, Popakademie, Musikhochschule, Universität Mannheim) must be documented at the beginning of each new semester.  If this does not happen, the fee for non-students will be charged until the proper documentation is turned in.  No reimbursement is possible in this case.

Info brochure Kinderhaus

Upon registration, you will receive an informational brochure with all relevant documentation required to be turned in as well as general information.

Scheduling a visit

If you wish to schedule a visit to the Kinderhaus, please contact the Kinderhaus administration.


Studierendenwerk Mannheim AöR
N 6, 1
68161 Mannheim

Opening Hours 

Mon-Fri:  7:45 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
extended afternoon: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Holiday times:
Typically 3 weeks in August, 2 weeks around Christmas. We will inform you accordingly.

Mailing Address 

Studierendenwerk Mannheim AöR
Postfach 10 30 37
68030 Mannheim

Kinderhaus Director 

Kinderhaus Director
Telephone: 0621 49072-570
or via E-Mail