The Kinderhaus of the Studierendenwerk has three nurseries and three mixed-age groups. Up to 84 children between the ages of one and six can attend.  A group of qualified, engaged, and skilled professionals guides and educates the children for half or full-time day care.  Two floors of space offer the children plenty of room to play, do arts and crafts, perform experiments ,and run around.  There is also 600 sq. m. of open space equipped with toys for all ages, a numbers garden, and a story-telling corner.  The Kinderhaus lies within Mannheim’s city center (N6)  and therefore is easily accessible from all higher education institutions in Mannheim.DSCF0099-b

The Kinderhaus is known for its polished pedagogical concept. Its holistic approach to education focuses on child and social- oriented structures of the individual families The promotion of creativity, personality, language, movement and motor function, and independence are near and dear to our heart as much as is the support and counseling of the parents.  Also the transparency of our work and the striving for constant professional development is essential for our concept.

EDUCATION has always been our goal.  The Kinderhaus teaches foreign languages (English and French), offers projects in the sciences and mathematics (Entdeckungen im Entenland, Zahlenland), has computer classes, offers music and physical education, as well as teaches relaxation techniques and massages for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We educate by following specifications of the Orientation Plan of the State of Baden-Württemberg amongst other methods of education.

Information about registration for the Kinderhaus can be found here.


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Child Care Service

Carmen Auler-Rasmus
Telephone: 0621  49072-570

or via E-Mail

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thu:    7:45am-5:15pm
Friday:         7:45am-4:15pm
extended afternoon: 8:00am-2:00pm

Holiday times: usually 3 weeks in August, 2 weeks around Christmas. We will inform you accordingly.


Kinderhaus des Studierendenwerks
N 6, 1
68161 Mannheim

Mailing Address:

Studierendenwerk Mannheim Infothek
Postfach 10 30 37
68030 Mannheim 

Child Care Administration
Enrollment certification, address and banking information changes, termination, fees, reduced-rate lunch

Andrea Wais
Telephone: 0621  49072-531
or via E-Mail

Administration Mailing Address

Studierendenwerk Mannheim AöR
Postfach 10 30 37
68030 Mannheim

Contact and Hours of Operation