Orientation Plan

Orientation Plan for education in Kindergartens

The Orientation Plan is a Baden-Württemberg-wide concept to support and serve as a master plan for early education.

Research shows that early education is the most important factor in a child's developmental growth.  The task of the Kindergarten is to guide the child and individually support its children for the fundamentals that they will face later during education.

A focus of the Orientation Plan is the close orientation and reflection of the early learning educational processes from various perspectives.  Not only the child’s motivation for education and development but other factors such as their senses, body, language, thought, compassion, mind, values, religion, and readiness will be reflected upon.

Pedagogically, the continuing cooperation between kindergartens and schools are important for the development of the Orientation Plan.  For this reason, the personal attend professional development workshops regularly and work closely with parents.

Quality development and assurance play a large roll in our standards of quality management.