Studying with Children

Between 2-6% of students in Mannheim are raising a child with a partner or are single parents.

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting during your studies can be a difficult challenge in your life. This phase can be wonderful and exciting but also very challenging.

Studying with children- is it possible?

During your education, organizing child care, completing your studies, financing your family and securing an accommodation can prove to be a heavy burden.

The Studierendenwerk can help. With the “Studieren mit Kind-ein Leitfaden für studierende Eltern” brochure, you will find comprehensive information and tips for support services. (Available only in German) The guidelines can be found in the downloads section and can also be picked up in the Infothek, at the counseling service, and at the Kinderhaus of the Studierendenwerk in N6, 1.

An overview of the financial support possibilities for students with a child can be found on the following pages.

For questions and personal counseling, especially for students with a child, the Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk can help.


The results from the survey about the current economic and social situations of students from the German Studierendenwerk (DSW) can be found at: Sozialerhebung des Deutschen Studentenwerks (DSW) Auskunft. 21. DSW Survey (Available only in German).

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