Cafeterias + Cafes

As different as out Universities in Mannheim are, our 13 Cafeterias and Cafes from the Studierendenwerk Mannheim are just as different. But one thing remains the same: the price and the quality.

The Cafeterias and Cafes of the Studierendenwerk are open for all guests. Students from the institutions in Mannheim, the employees from the state of Baden-Württemberg, and all visitors are welcome to grab a good coffee or enjoy a nice meal. Everyone can grab a good coffee or enjoy a nice meal.


Mensa am SchlossThe menus for the students are subsidized. As are the meals for employees of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Studierendenwerk categorizes each menu in three price classes: students, employees, and guests.

The student price is for all students who are enrolled in a German university. (With valid student card-  see payment) In return, students from Mannheim are able to eat inexpensively in Tübingen, Heidelberg, or Berlin.

You can pay in cash or with our chip cards (MensA-Card, ecUM, HSCard, CampusCard). The costs of payment with these cards are typically 25 Percent less than payments in cash. Therefore this administrative advantage can be payed forward to its guests.

Students and employees of the University of Mannheim, Hochschule Mannheim, DHBW Mannheim can use their cards to pay in all the Studierendenwerk Cafeterias and Cafes at all coffee and washing machines. Guests can buy a MensA-Card at our Service points (Cafeteria, Cafes, Infothek, etc.) for a small deposit (6€).

Snacks, pastries, drinks, and other items in the Cafeterias and Cafes are not subsidized, and therefore the price remains the same for everyone. However; the price is reduced if you pay with the chip card rather than with cash.

You will find more information in the following pages about what we offer, the prices, and our opening hours.