Unterhaltsvorschuss (Alimony)

Single parents can receive alimony from the Jugendamt when the obligated parental guardian pays none or non-sufficient aliment for their child.

The child is entitled to alimony when

  • Their residence is in Germany
  • They live with a single parent
  • They do not receive the necessary amount of aliment.

The possible duration for alimony has increased and can be paid for children up to the age of 18 (previously 12 years of age).  The child is entitled to claim alimony after 12 years of age only when

  • The child or single parent does not receive social benefits from SGB II or
  • The needs of the child are avoided because of alimony or
  • The single parent has a monthly salary of at least 600 Euro (gross) and complementary services from SGB II.

Alimony can only be paid retrospectively for one month from application.

Important: Foreign students have specific regulations in order to be entitled to claim alimony. For example when the child or the single parent has a settlement permit or a permanent residency permit for the EU.

Amount of the benefits in 2018
Alimony is determined by the legal minimum child-support amount. 154,00 Euro per month for children under six years of age. 205,00 Euro per month for children 6-12 and 273,00 a month for children 12-17 years of age.

Applications can be submitted to the responsible Jugendamt.
In Mannheim Applications are to be submitted after making an appointment at the:

Unterhaltsvorschusskasse of the Jugendamt in the Holzbauerstraße 8, 68167 Mannheim

Required documents other than ID and birth certificate are the documents in relation to divorce and recovery of maintenance.

These benefits do not exempt the child for further social assistance benefits. Additional assistance is possible when the current living situation is not able to be covered by the alimony.