The ticket and how much it costs

The students in Mannheim (University of Mannheim, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim, University of Popular Music and Music Business) can purchase the ÖPNV-Semesterticket. The ticket is valid for the whole area of the Rhein-Neckar (VRN) Transportation Authority - except Westpfalz

The ticket costs 170,00 Euro per Semester (beginning 8/2018). The Semesterticket is able to be offered at a reduced price through the contributions from the Studierendenwerk Fee, which is paid for by all students in the amount of 20,80 Euro.


The Semesterticket is a personalized, non-transferable ticket for students enrolled in a higher education institution.  It is valid for one semester.  The ticket is only valid with proof of student ID which must be showed upon request.

Where can I buy one? 

  • Students of the University of Mannheim can load money on their ecUM-cards and print it directly on their card from the SB-Terminals.
  • Students of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim as well as the University of Popular Music and Music Business can purchase a Semesterticket at the travel center and the ticket machines of the Deutsche Bahn or at the Mobilitätscenter  (Tel. 0621 465-4444).
  • New: The VRN-Semesterticket can be purchased online and printed out by clicking here.

Questions regarding valid area as well as connection tickets should contact the respective travel authority. (For Heilbronn= HNV, Mainfranken=VVM, for Bayerischen Untermain= VAB, Rhein-Main= RMV, Karlsruhe=KVV, Saarland=SaarVV, Rhein-Nahe=RNN).

Connection Ticket

The Connection-Semesterticket can be purchased for 200,60 Euro from students enrolled at a neighboring institution such as Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Mainz. This applies for students who are conducting a mandatory internship in the VRN-area. Information can be found at the Transportation Authority Telephone 0621 / 1077077.

Free Semesterticket

Students who register their primary residence in Mannheim can receive a one-time-free-of-charge Semesterticket from the VRN. The ticket can be received in the semester that the student registers or changes their primary residence to Mannheim.

With the exception of:

  • Fachhochschule of the Bundeswehr
  • Fachhochschule of the Arbeitsverwaltung (HdBA Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit)
  • Goethe Institut
  • Exchange students for only one semester in Mannheim
  • Deregistering to re-register at a later date is also not allowed.

You can receive your Semesterticket at the city hall Innenstadt/Jungbuschmore information here.

Students may register their primary residence in the room on the ground floor. Upon registration, the ticket will be produced. You will need a current enrollment certificate and an ID/Passport. If you are an international student pursuing your degree you must bring your Letter of Acceptance as well.  Keep your receipt in a safe place and somewhere where you can remember it if you ever lose your ticket. Your receipt must be shown to receive a replacement from the VRN.

Make an appointment to lessen the waiting times:

CarSharing- inexpensive for owners of the Semesterticket.

The Semesterticket and connecting ticket have other advantages:

Owners of the Semesterticket have the possibility to use the CarSharing offer from Stadtmobil in cooperation with the RNV along with the normal bus and tram offers. Depending on your needs, various car models are offered.

The RNV offers with the Stadtmobil Rhein-Neckar a special tariff for using their automobiles.  The registration costs and security deposit are offered at a reduced price.  The customer searches for the car, picks it up, and pays for the time they used it as well as the kilometers driven.

More information about Stadtmobil CarSharing can be found in the Stadtmobil Office or in the RNV Mobility Center.

Taxi- also valid for Semesterticket owners

Semesterticket owners can also use the “Ruftaxi” Service.

Important: New reimbursement regulation for tickets

Students who have purchased a Semesterticket but have received a letter of acceptance for another higher education institution in another travel authority area can profit from the new regulations for reimbursement.

The price for the two one-way tickets for the price class 7 per day will no longer be calculated, but that of only two one-way tickets for the price class 2 instead.

Application for reimbursement must be completed by the 31st day of use. Nutzungstag eine Rückgabe gegen Erstattung beantragt werden.

Infos in Mannheim Mobilitätscenter N1,1 or Tel.: 0621 465-4444