Here is a list of scholarship opportunities:

Begabtenförderungswerke (German language)

They offer scholarships for students and doctoral candidates. The church and party-related sponsorship organizations or the employee-related scholarships for gifted students provide financial and non-material support for students of various fields of study.

Stipendienlotse (German language)

On the website of the Ministry of Education, other scholarships are also listed.

Aufstiegsstipendium (German language)

With this program for the advancement of talented people, people are supported who have proven their special skills and commitment during their education /profession. With the support of the scholarship, they can start studying at a state or state-recognized university.


This is a program of the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg foundation for the international exchange of students and scholars. The financial support is granted for stays abroad of students. International students studying in Baden-Württemberg can also be supported.

Deutschlandstipendium (German language)

The scholarship for high-performing students is offered by the universities, together with private sponsors and a grant from the federal and state governments.

Stipendien für Studierende mit Handicap (German language)

In the Leitfaden (German pdf) oft he Studierendenwerks Mannheim you will find a listing of scholarships in this category.

Universität Mannheim - Stipendien

Additional scholarship opportunities for students at the University of Mannheim.

Modell-Mittelstand-Stipendien an der HS (German language)

Additional scholarship opportunities for students at the Hochschule Mannheim

Stipendien für Auslandsaufenthalt (German language)

Students who are planning their studies abroad can apply for a scholarship at the DAAD.

Stipendienprogramm für Flüchtlinge aus Syrien (German language)

Financial support for refugees in Baden-Württemberg

Reemtsma Begabtenförderungswerk (German language)

A foundation that offers scholarships for exceptionally talented students.

Stipendien für Frauen oder Alleinerziehende mit Kind

Further information about the scholarships can be found in the guide "Studieren mit Kind in Mannheim" (German language only).

In addition, there are numerous scholarships for specific groups such as contact and re-entry scholarships at the university, especially for women, or scholarships for students with disabilities or scholarships for studying abroad. The Social Counseling Service  will be happy to advise you on this.



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