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Studying is almost like a full-time job. Time to work on the side is nearly impossible.

Those who want to sucessfully finish their studies on time must keep their mind free of financial stress as best they can.

How can you finance your studies?

Expenditures vary heavily from person to person. Your living expenses (accommodation, food and drink, transportation, communication, and your hobbies/free time) along with the costs from your studies (books, study material, Studierendenwerk fee, and administration costs) must be accounted for, which can average 750 Euro per month.  This amount can rise rapidly. A lot of little things add up during your studies.

Do not worry: Your Studierendenwerk is here to assist you with all your financial needs.

Your first source should be BAföG. Half of it is a gift. The other half is an interest-free loan. At the BAföG-Amt of the Studierendenwerk we can assist you and your parents about the possibilities to receive BAföG.
Additionally to BAföG there are other financial aid possibilities that are related to or additional to BAföG.

  • The low-interest federal Education Loan (Bildungskredit). Application forms and general consultation can be found at the BAföG-Amt.
  • The KfW-Loan, which comes from the state bank KfW. This can help you with your living expenses during your primary studies- independent of salary, assets of your parents, or other financial securities.  As an accredited partner of the KfW Bank, we can guarantee a timely and discrete handling of your application.  You can contact our counseling services.
  • And if the situation is especially tight, we can do our best to help. From the internal funds of the Studierendenwerk you can apply for an emergency short-term or long-term interest-free loan. Our loan office is open for you.

Last but not least we have a few money saving tips which can help with dealing with the financial stress.



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Janine Deffke (Consultation, turning in application)
Manuela Catalano (general consultation, turning in application/documents)

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Financial aid alternative or in addition to BAföG:

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Counseling Service / Loan

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Mensaria am Schloss
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