Hygiene Standards

It is essential to follows strict guidelines in the catering industry.  Guests can be sure that the Studierendenwerk Mannheim complies with all regulations.

A three-tiered system is implemented:

  • Constant supervision from the agencies responsible for food inspection from the city of Mannheim. (Lebensmittelüberwachung).
  • HACCP-System: Products are inspected and documented from delivery to disbursal according to all regulations.
  • Retained samples- samples are taken from each dish and are held in a cold storage for multiple days.  Food Inspection Services take samples of these regularly.

An internal position as hygiene representative has even been created to regulate and measure the hygiene at the Studierendenwerk: Jürgen Müller measures, documents, and teaches the workers on hygiene in the workplace.

Legal obligations and implementation at the Studierendenwerk

The EU Regulation on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs applies to all branches that commercially produce, deal with, and bring to the market.  A uniform-EU-wide hygiene standard is sought after.

Our goal

Hygienic and high quality products to be provided to the students.  We achieve this through internal measures and inspections. We are also inspected by responsible agencies as well as take part in regular workshops for our workers.  Jürgen Müller is the responsible employee for these actions.

This system allows the responsible party to be proactive and avoid negative product changes as well as possible risks that may arise.


The time interval in which microorganisms double is dependent on nourishment, pH-value and temperature.  Therefore hygiene, time, and temperature are all very important.

Our Principles

  • Hygienic business- hygienic personal
  • Optimizing operational procedures of food production
  • Temperature regulation- determine criteria for provisions
  • Establishing a threshold for critical control points